14 Annoying Things That Will Never Stop Happening In Life

Life can be full of incredible highs and unbearable, heart-wrenching lows. But, then there are those little things that are just mild irritations. They might wind you up on a bad day, but they’re hardly huge catastrophes. However, what you do have to come to terms with is that mostly these annoyances will just never stop happening. All the time. For the rest of your life. Just think about that for a minute! So, here are fourteen annoying things that will always happen in life! Check them out!

Your laundry tabs will always defy you.

And, so will your toothpaste.

You’ll always take your nails back too far that it hurts.

You’ll always have to spend five minutes sorting out this mess before you can tape whatever you wanted to tape.

You’ll always forget which switch does what.

You’ll always stub your toe on the leg of your bed!

You’ll always get your scarf caught in your zipper.

The ‘App Store’ will never be finished.

You’ll always notice this, when it’s already too late!

Somebody will always to this while driving!

Your foil will always look like this.

You’ll always absent-mindedly pour cold water from the kettle into your tea or coffee, forgetting you hadn’t already boiled it!

You’ll always have to think for a second when you want to spell this…

The butter will always be too hard.

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