People In The US Can Now Enjoy Mountain Dew’s Violet Flavor From Japan

The Mountain Dew Violet Flavor from Japan has arrived on American shelves. Brands typically release unique versions of their products in the land of the rising sun where everything is constantly being innovated. Those of us who aren’t there can only pine and wish for it to become available locally.

Most of the time, it all ends with us having to accept the fact that we’ll just have to keep on living without knowing what it was like. It’s one of the sad realities we foodies have to face. However, PepsiCo appears to have become more generous to its American consumers with the introduction of this new, rare soft drink offering.


Online purveyors have made the Mountain Dew Violet Flavor available to the American consumer market

Mountain Dew‘s colorful soda range sets them apart from other brands. Over the years, the company has stirred up enough flavors to make a rainbow. However, the Violet flavor has been quite a mystery to American consumers until online purveyors like Fye made it available. The online retailer, in their product page, wrote that,

“The violet version has [a] delicious grape flavor and contains vegetable and elderberry juice to give it a unique taste.”


FYE began selling these eye-catching purple cans for $5.99 on their platform on August 10. Since the retailer’s stock was limited, customers could only purchase 12 cans each during its sale period. As of writing, FYE’s stock of the vibrantly violet soft drink has sold out, but we’re hoping that the consumer response will inspire the retailer to dole out some more soon! (Several other online retailers also sold the rare soda and have also sold out.)


The Japanese Mountain Dew offering contains healthy elements


Mountain Dew is known for its high-caffeine and high-sugar reputation. That’s why a lot of gamer kids chug it like there’s no tomorrow when they’re trying to win a battle. However, this Japanese addition to the Dew palette features some healthy ingredients. One of these ingredients is the elderberry, which provide ginormous health benefits despite its tiny size.

The addition of this wonder berry to the fizzy concoction gives the soda its distinctively sweet yet tart grape taste. Furthermore, vegetable juice is also in the mix but we doubt you’d actually manage to distinguish it from the sweet, grape-y flavor of the soda. The addition of vegetable juice gives the soda a surprising earthy flavor as well.


Besides the fact that this grape flavored Mountain Dew is rare, soda fans can all agree that tasting a flavor from a far away land gives them the impression that they know what it’s like to be there. The Dew’s purple pour is a spectacle in itself! Hopefully FYE releases a new batch for all of us who missed on their grape sale.