Sun-Maid Has Launched New Snack Bites In 4 Different Flavors Including Birthday Cake

As the largest raisin processor in the world, Sun-Maid is obviously known for its traditionally sun-dried raisins. But the brand actually has more to offer other than its deliciously sweet raisins. Recently, the brand has unveiled a new Bites line featuring snack clusters of fruit, oat and nuts. Of course, these new snack bites have raisins in them. These healthy snacks are a great way to entice your kids to eat their daily intake of raisins.

What’s more, the bites come in four different flavors including Banana Split, Birthday Cake, S’mores and PB & J. We know, it’s hard to choose only one from these four yummy flavors. All these varieties feature clusters of tasty fruit, raisins, oat and nuts. The only difference among these snack bites is the choice of toppings. The Banana Split Bites feature rainbow sprinkles and chocolate drizzle, the Birthday Cake also has rainbow sprinkles but it has vanilla icing drizzles. The S’mores Bites has sweet graham cracker pieces in the mix and topped with toasty marshmallows and chocolate drizzles. Last but not the least, the PB & J Bites are topped with jelly and peanut butter drizzles.


Sun-Maid Snack Bites

You can never go wrong with any of these flavors. For sure, you’ll want to try all of them to compare and discover which of them is the best. Now, on to the big question: where can we buy these healthy treats? Instagram user @tamisclock found all the varieties of the bites at Meijer. A quick search on Instacart reveals that a couple of flavors are available at a variety of retail stores including Schnucks, Albertsons and Safeway. So, make sure to check out the snack aisle on your next trip to the grocery store.


sun-maid bites birthday cake


sun-maid snack bites pack

Each variety comes in a 3-oz resealable pack containing 12 pieces of bite-sized treats. Although it is advertised as a ‘great snack for kids’, we’re assuming grown-ups will be more delighted to gobble these goodies down.

sun-maid bites banana split

Source: Instacart