People In The US Can Now Get The Japanese Coca-Cola Strawberry Flavor

Strawberries, there’s something about their distinct tart-sweetness that makes them pair well with all types of desserts. Adding these succulent fruits to cakes, ice cream, smoothies, slushies and other treats definitely enhances the taste to a new level. Early this year, the new Coca-Cola Strawberry was launched exclusively in Japan. Now, you might be wondering how a strawberry-flavored cola would taste. Would the fruity flavor of strawberry complement the refreshing carbonated beverage? The unusual blend is indeed something only Japan could come up with. But the rest of the world can’t deny that they would love to try this new Coke flavor too.

Those in the US can now rejoice because they can now get the much-anticipated Strawberry Coke shipped directly from Japan. It is made available in the US through the entertainment retail store FYE. The new fruity Coke comes in a 500ml bottle. If you’re expecting to see a pink-colored soda then sorry to burst your bubble but it’s not. In fact, it looks like the original soda with its rich brown color.


Coca-Cola Strawberry

coca-cola strawberry

According to the product detail, the new strawberry flavor features the familiar cola taste with a hint of sweet strawberry. This new blend sounds and tastes incredibly refreshing. Since this new Coke flavor comes from Japan, it will set you back way more than the regular ones. But considering the intriguing flavor of this Japan-exclusive offering (plus the hype), it is actually worth the price.

Let us inform you though, that this is a hot item and stocks quickly sell out on the site. You can find them available if you’re lucky, or if you’re patient enough to check the site regularly.

It’s no secret that strawberry flavor makes the best tasting cocktails. So, we’re pretty sure that this strawberry-flavored Coke tastes wonderful as well.

Source: Fye