Effortlessly Lucky People Who Hit The Jackpot on Food Lottery

Not everyone will experience luck the same way another person does. And indeed, luck can definitely be something that doesn’t happen to a person in everyday life, like hitting the jackpot on food lottery for some instance. Oftentimes, we create our fate, and when luck favors us, it can really make your day. Having said that, here are some examples of effortlessly lucky people who hit the jackpot on food lottery.


#1 When you get to eat everything and not a single piece goes to waste.

#2 Step aside and hail to the king of sour candy. I can just imagine, eating this candy could be shared by many.

#3 Wow! She really hit the jackpot on food lottery with this one. Jealous!

#4 One of the reasons why people keep patronizing packet food is perhaps the hope of getting a couple of extra pieces inside it. Winner!

#5 When you have already anticipated for one surprise but turns out to be more than what you were expecting.

#6 When opportunities come knocking, you’ve got to grab them while you can.

#7 Where can I find these kind of fries? Somebody please tell me. Anyone?

#8 And another one! Why don’t they come up with these kinds of fries instead? I bet a lot of people would agree with me on this one. Monster fries to the highest level.

Life is good when you’re winning with food


#9 When the tangerine gives you another chance of enjoying its sweetness. No losers here!

#10 This is what happens when strawberry is life. An answered prayer.

#11 When you’re going nuts over someone, why don’t you give them this? Literally speaking, there are a lot of nuts in this chocolate bar, so might as well.

#12 Wouldn’t it be nice if you were not expecting something like this, but then it just happened.

#13 If they sell something like this all over the world, sign us up! We’ve been waiting for them to come up with these sizes.

#14 Who needs a break when you can have it all?

#15 Probably what they mean when they say hitting two birds with one stone. Lol!

Wow! Have you been this lucky too? Share your thoughts below!