Times Designers Had One Job And Failed Miserably

There’s no denying that there are some incredibly talented people that grace our earth. When it comes to design, for example, there are so many different fields in which to display your capabilities. Acts of pure genius come in many different forms. Unfortunately, the same can be said for acts of stupidity. Here we have a list of images showing times designers had one job and failed miserably. At least these creations are useful for providing us all with a good laugh. Take a look! 

Nope, we can’t figure out any logical reason for this creation! 

In case you hadn’t figured this photo out, you are looking at a set of stairs! What an awful choice of carpet… 

Apparently kids don’t have bodies in the toilet sign world. 

This doll deserves a 50% discount at the very least! 

Finally, we found a door that truly leads to no where. 

Now you can have the best of both worlds for a fraction of the price! 

It appears that certain people don’t understand the concept of a ramp… 

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This Sailor Moon went on one too many adventures… 

How to cause irritation and inconvenience when designing a product… 

This looks like one very uncomfortable ‘couch’.

If you slip on these stairs, you can rest assured that you’re also likely to impale your hand trying to grab for the railing. 

Who puts a protrusion at the top of a flight of stairs?! We bet this has caused some nasty accidents.  

What a stunning bath tub! It’s a shame it’s completely useless. 

We can’t tell if this is super weird or pretty genius?

Someone seems to be under the impression that people only want privacy from the neck upwards!