14 Awesome Parenting Hacks That Will Make Life Easier


Do you love your kids more than anything? Sure! Is raising children easy? Absolutely not! That's why busy parents need all the help they can get. Sometimes, the collective wisdom of many can ferret out some priceless parenting gems that you might not have come up with on your own. These fourteen parenting hacks are just simple ideas, but they could save you time, money, and worry over the years. And, after all, who doesn't want to make their life easier? Ultimately, it'll give you more time to spend enjoying your little angels, rather than just picking up after them! Check it out!


Put a rubber band on a soap dispenser to stop kids accidentally squirting out too much.



A safe spot on the car can stop kids running off or standing somewhere dangerous in the parking lot.

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Make a 'you shall not pass' sign to help teach your kids not to be wasteful with toilet paper!

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Give your child a mesh bag (or if you have more than one use different colors) to put their dirty laundry in. You can wash and dry it in the bag, and then give it straight back to them so they can sort it and put it away.

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Freeze marshmallows as an icepack!

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A leash for sippy cups is invaluable, as it stops that awful moment when you're out and your kid drops their cup on the floor, rendering it too dirty to use, and meaning they now have nothing to drink from.



Make a 'hush bottle' for time outs. It's basically a bottle filled with glitter and water. Shake it up at the start of the time out, give it to your kid, and when all the glitter has settled, the time out is over.

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If your children are endlessly getting new cups, having a drink and then discarding them, try this tip. Give each family member a plastic cup of their own, with magnets on the back. They can use it to drink from all day, just sticking it up on the fridge when not in use. This saves you from having numerous cups to wash at the end of the day!

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Encourage your little ones to eat up their veggies!

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A takeout sauce container is the perfect size to carry around pacifiers, so they don't get dirty.

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These dry wipe to-do lists can help keep kids on top of their chores.

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If you eat out a lot, one of these fabric highchairs is perfecft for you, for all those times you turn up to a restaurant that has no highchairs.

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Turn an 'Oball' into a bottle cage that's easy for tiny hands to grip.



Make a water balloon filling station from old soap dispensers!

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