7 Childhood Fears Versus Adult Fears


When you’re a kid, you think you’ll grow up to be big and brave, and never be afraid of anything! However, as you get older you realise that there will always be things you’re afraid of, it’s just that your childhood fears are different from your adult fears. For instance, when you’re a child, you might be afraid of going to see the doctor in case they gave you a shot or some nasty medicine, but as an adult, the only thing scary about the doctor’s office is the huge bill you’re landed with as a result. So, check out these seven childhood fears versus adult fears, as drawn by Dave Mercier for College Humor.



When you get older, strangers, acquaintances, and even friends can be a source of anxiety.

Dave Mercier/College Humor


Monsters are real, they’re just not quite what you imagined.

Dave Mercier/College Humor


The hairdresser is no longer scary, but what they can do to you is!

Dave Mercier/College Humor


In this day and age of satnav, not knowing where you are is scarier than ever.

Dave Mercier/College Humor


There’s nothing as scary as unfulfilled potential.

Dave Mercier/College Humor


The end result is, you still never want to go to the doctor’s office.

Dave Mercier/College Humor


Nope! Still scary!

Dave Mercier/College Humor

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