12 iPhone Apps That Will Organize Your Whole Life


You might not be a particularly organized person, but that doesn't matter anymore, because your phone can organize your entire life for you. With the help of some trusty apps, of course. Do you need help organizing what you have to do on any given day? Or perhaps you can't remember your class schedule and homework assignments? How about storing all your receipts so you can easily access them? Whatever you need, there's an app for that! These twelve awesome iPhone apps will make you look hyper-organized! Let's take a look!


'Cozi' is a calendar app that lets you share your schedules with your friends. It also has other useful functions, including to-do lists and recipe storage.



'Mint' is a one stop shop for organizing your finances. Not only does it allow you to set a monthly budget and helps you stick to it, you can also use this app to pay bills and find your credit score.



'Shoeboxed' is a handy app that allows you to store all your receipts. Just snap a picture of them and this app will store and organize them for you. Perfect for keeping a handle on your finances, or storing expense receipts for your taxes.



If you're good with faces, but have trouble remembering new acquaintances' names, you need 'Namerick'. This could be really useful in a business setting, or just for day to day use.

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'Grocery IQ' is the app you want if grocery shopping gets your panties in a bunch. Not only does it help organize your shopping list, it also compares the prices of said items at various local stores, so you know where to go if you want the best value for money.

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'My Fitness Pal' is an excellent app for health and nutrition. Input what you've eaten and how much you've exercised, and the app will figure out if you're on the right track, whether you want to lose, gain or maintain weight. It can also calculate nutrients to figure out if your diet is giving you what you need.

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'Evernote' is the premier note-taking app around. It can be used for all kinds of notes, which it then organizes and presents in a way that's easy to navigate.



'ReQall' is an intelligent to-do app. It organizes all your tasks and sets you timely reminders. If given the right information, it also knows where you're going to be completing the items on your list, so it will prompt you to combine tasks if they're in the same area, to save time and effort.



'Dropbox' is a form of cloud storage, which allows you to access files in your Dropbox from anywhere in the world. It also allows you to share folders with other users, specified by you, which makes it perfect for sending files that would be too large to email.



If you are a student you must get 'ClassManager' app. Input your class schedule and the app will tell you where you need to be, as well as keeping track of homework assignments and upcoming tests.



The 'Full Contact Card Reader' digitally stores business cards, so that they're easy to access when you need them.



'Sleep Time' is for anyone who wants to get the best possible night's sleep. It tracks your sleeping patterns by analyzing your movement as you sleep, and can set a customized alarm so that you wake feeling refreshed.


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