You Can Now Get Yourself Some Buddy The Elf-Themed Sugar Cookies To Munch On Over Christmas

It looks like we elves are about to have five main food groups because the Buddy The Elf-Themed Sugar Cookie is back! We don’t even have to pass through the seven levels of the Candy Cane forest, through the sea of swirly twirly gum drops, and walk through the Lincoln Tunnel to get them. These fantastically festive sugar cookies debuted last year, and it’s making a comeback to the delight of Buddy The Elf’s fans. Pillsbury’s timing couldn’t be better. The holiday movie marathon season is nigh, and these Elf-themed sugar cookies are a must-have. On their official press release, Pillsbury wrote:

“A  simple and delicious sugar cookie baking experience that will bring the whole family together.”

We concur with Pillsbury. Soft chewy sugar cookies can truly strengthen a family’s bonding experience this coming holiday season! Baking is a very fun family activity, even if it has the tendency to get really messy. There’s nothing like being in a delightfully sweet smelling, warm home during the winter holidays.

elf sugar cookies

The Buddy The Elf-Themed Sugar Cookie just might be so delicious that you’d want to cram 11 cookies in your mouth.

Buddy The Elf-Themed Sugar Cookie

I don’t know about you but I’ve never tried cramming 11 cookies in a VCR machine like Buddy did. (Cookies are just too delicious to waste like that!) But if these sugar cookies are as delicious as they look, then I probably could try cramming 11 of them in my mouth (as soon as they’ve cooled down enough… or not).  You will get 24 pre-cut cookies, which saves you a lot of time to prepare for your other Christmas dinner offerings and less clean up for the dish washing elves! These cookies adorned with Buddy’s iconic green and yellow hat are the perfect cookies to munch on during your yearly re-watch of the beloved Christmas movie. All that’s missing is the world’s best cup of coffee…

elf cookies

If you want to add a touch of whimsy to your cookie plate, the Buddy The Elf-Themed Sugar Cookie retails for $2.50 a pack. It’s available on the websites of Walmart and Pillsbury. Of course, these fantastically festive sugar cookies can also be found in the shelves of your favorite grocery shop. And, if you really want to set the mood for your Buddy The Elf event, you can try lighting up this Buddy The Elf-scented candle, which is, apparently inspired by the world’s favorite Christmas elf.