Genius Ideas For Odd Socks That You’ll Want To Try Out

It seems that no matter how hard we try, our socks will disappear. It’s almost as if the washing machine gets hungry and its choice of victim is always one sock. Now, this isn’t the end of the world, however, it can be a bit annoying being left with an ever growing pile of odd socks. But, fear not! There are actually so many genius ideas for odd sock projects that you’ll be surprised to learn about! Take a look below to find out the best uses for those lonely singletons and you might just be hoping to find a stray! 

Bunny Pin Cushions

Not only are these little bunnies adorable, but they make for perfect pin cushions! Instructions here

Bunny Soft Toy

Perhaps you’re looking to give someone a handmade gift. This sock rabbit is super sweet! Find out how to make it here

Catnip Toys

Your cat(s) will love these homemade catnip toys! Instructions can be found here

Cup Sweater

These cup sweaters are ideal for making a hot drink more bearable to hold. They also help hold in the heat, and they look great! A helpful tutorial can be found here

Donut Stress Toys

What better way to relieve some stress than to squeeze one of these scrumptious looking donut toys? Here’s a helpful video on how to make them. 

Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gloves are great because your hands stay warm but you still have your fingers free to use things like smartphones. Find out how to transform your socks into fingerless gloves here

Children’s Toys

Another great gift idea here that really shows a personal touch. They are super easy to make as well! Kids will love them! Check out how to make them here

Phone Holder

By combining a sock with a strong piece of elastic, you’ve got a brilliant phone holder that is perfect for exercising! More information can be found here

Phone Pouch

It can be hard to find a unique phone pouch/case that you love so why not fashion your own? Details can be found here


Sock fabric makes for a great foundation for a bracelet. You can customize this look any way you please! Find out more info here

Snake Toy

For those of you who have quite a few odd socks, this snake toy is an ideal project. Instructions here

Baby Socks Bouquet

How adorable is this baby socks bouquet? This would make a lovely change from a traditional bouquet and is so easy to put together! Find out how here

Thermos Cover

We highly recommend a thermos cover! They look great and prevent condensation build up! Another fun and simple project you should definitely give a go. Details here