14 Hilariously Terrible Tattoo Face Swaps That Will Make You Glad You Aren’t The People Involved – Part 1

It never fails to amaze how how lightly some people seem to take getting a tattoo. Yes, in this day and age you can get things removed via painful lasering, but the whole point of a tattoo is for it to be permanent, right? Therefore, you would think people would make sure they had their design nailed and that they will be going to a reputable and (hopefully) talented artist! Sadly, for many people this just isn’t the case. Here we have some tattoo face swap comparisons that will leave you in shock. We’re sure a few of these fails could be put down to naivety or unfortunate circumstances but we’re pretty certain most of them were the result of utter stupidity. Take a look and decide for yourself!
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Amy Winehouse

Angry Lion

Baby Girl

Scary Bear

Ben Franklin

Bob Marley

Happy Bear

Chimp Or Lion – You Decide!

Smiling Baby Girl

Cute Little Girl

Posing Child

Scary Dog

Elvis Presley

Freddie Mercury


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