Hilarious Tweets That Married People Will Relate To – Part 1


A lot of people wonder what it’s like being married. Of course, it’s different for every couple but it definitely has its ups and downs. Now, one of the most important things about a long and successful marriage is being able to find humor in the little things. We mean, if you can’t laugh about your partner’s little idiosyncrasies, then they’re going to drive you insane. The folks who wrote these eleven hilarious tweets about marriage can definitely see the funny side of being part of a couple, in both good times and bad. Take a look!



Sometimes a little lie is easier than explaining what you were really doing.


When you’re married, there are exceptions to almost every rule.


If you can put up a tent without wanting to divorce your spouse, then you’ll probably be married forever.


There are some things even therapy can’t solve.


No matter how full you are, there’s always room for tacos.


The art of seduction is simpler when you’re married.


Marriage goals.


Some things you just can’t explain.


When you forget just how comprehensive your wedding vows were.


The delicate balance of good and bad news…


It’s important to know these kinds of things!

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