Little Debbie’s Unicorn Cake Bars Are Sparkling Strawberry Flavor

Our sweet snack time friend Little Debbie has brought back the Unicorn Cakes to shelves. This treat’s been popping in and out of Little Debbie’s cake line up for 2 years now. However, this time, things are a little different. Over the years, the Unicorn Cake was a mini round cake. But this year, Little Debbie turned them into cake bars instead!

Little Debbie’s Unicorn Cake treats were happily received by snackers everywhere when they were introduced back in 2018. However, they quickly vanished from circulation because they were specialty offerings. But fans of the fantasy-themed treat didn’t have to wait long, because the brand brought it back again in 2019. And now, the colorful treats are back yet again to make our snack moments more whimsical. We’re starting to think that Little Debbie’s going to be releasing this treat as a regular yet limited edition special, and we’re here for it!


Have a magical snack moment with every bite of the Unicorn Cake bars from Little Debbie

While the shape may have changed, Little Debbie didn’t change anything about the snack cake itself. The cakes still consist of lavender-colored vanilla crème sandwiched between two layers of pink strawberry-flavored cake. Then, the cake is coated with white frosting, drizzled with light blue strips and generously dusted with candy glitter. Instagrammer @snackingsamurai quipped that the new shape gives them the impression that the cake bar looks more like a unicorn’s horn now. We don’t know for sure if this is what Little Debbie had in mind. Either way, we’re into it!

Other Instagrammers have also spotted the Sparkling Strawberry snack bar, like @jimmyrager, @rednecksnackandfood, and @snackstalker. They’ve spotted the sparkly snack at Food Lion, Walmart, Food Plus and Stop & Shop. You can also order them online via Target for less than $3, so you might want to squeeze it in your shopping list next time. Each pack contains 8 individually packed snack bars, so you’d better get two boxes if you know that won’t be enough for you.

You’ll have to grab them fast because even though Little Debbie didn’t explicitly declare the Unicorn Cakes as a limited edition offering, we’ve got a feeling that it won’t stay on shelves for a long time. When that happens, your best alternative to getting your hands on these sparkly treats will be through eBay, with a heftier price.