Nothing Says Christmas Like A 6 Foot Inflatable Buddy The Elf In Your Front Yard

Now that the season of spooky spectacles has passed, the countdown to Christmas has officially begun. Pretty soon, all those previously spiderweb-covered lawns and storefronts will be twinkling and shining with tinsel and lights. We may just be a few days into November but that shouldn’t stop anyone from expressing their love for the most festive time of the year. As a matter of fact, companies have been churning out Christmas-themed items even while we were busy with jack-o-lanterns and candy shopping.

One release you might have missed during the Halloween hullabaloo is Target’s inflatable Buddy The Elf decoration which actually launched early October 2019. And its timing couldn’t be more fitting to the Christmas-loving elf’s character.

inflatable buddy the elf outdoors


Spread the Christmas cheer with this inflatable Buddy The Elf.

Inflatable versions of our favorite Christmas icons have been blowing up in the decoration scene for the past couple years. And while some have taken the phrase ‘larger than life‘ literally, Warner Bros. has taken a more realistic approach to their holiday offerings. This inflatable duplicate of Will Ferrell’s iconic holiday character is pretty spot on. We say that it’s pretty spot on because there’s teeny tiny height difference between the inflatable and Will Ferrell.

You see, the inflatable Buddy The Elf stands at just 72.05 inches or 6 feet. Meanwhile Will himself is 6’3″! However, regardless of the minor scale down this is probably the most ecstatic inflatable we’ve seen yet!

inflatable buddy the elf against white background


“This Christmas figure will bring a smile to guests and passerby. Use it as a whimsical standalone or combine it with other Airblown Inflatables to create a custom scene.”

inflatable buddy the elf against black background
Home Depot

This inflatable decoration isn’t too bulky, so it’s suitable to display it anywhere. So if you’re currently lawn-less and don’t have much space for holiday decorations, this jolly inflatable will certainly add that festive cheer to your place. The inflatable set comes complete with stakes and tethers to keep Buddy in place wherever you decide to put him. Furthermore, it self-inflates within seconds and deflates for easy storage.

This inflatable decoration is one of the season’s best sellers.

inflatable buddy the elf face close up
Home Depot

When Target first released the inflatable Buddy The Elf decoration in the first week of October, it sold out pretty quickly. Back then it was selling for $50, which is a pretty good deal. But now, Target’s fresh supply is currently on sale at only $40, which is an even better deal! Unfortunately, as of writing, the remaining 5 inflatable buddies in Target’s current inventory have all sold out. Although we’re pretty sure that Target’s going to release more of these as the holiday season draws closer.

But if you don’t want to wait, other retailers have now started to offer it as well. Home Depot is currently selling the inflatable elf and so is Amazon. This exciting new inflatable will make a great addition to your growing collection of the holiday icon.

Get yours: Amazon | Target | Home Depot