Terrifying Images Showing What Happens When Fruit And Vegetables Start Sprouting Early

For many of us, we like our food to look a certain way before we eat it. This is especially true for things like meat, dairy, and of course, fruits and vegetables. Some of us will willingly admit, we might occasionally throw something away that is perfectly safe to eat, simply because it look strange. Well, here we have some frankly terrifying images showing what happens when fruit and vegetables start sprouting early. These pictures are not for the faint hearted and easily shaken! Take a look! 


This just doesn’t look right to us! 


This artichoke bloomed as it was left out of the fridge… 


We hope that this person planted this and was able to grow an avocado tree! 

Bell Pepper

This makes us feel all weird inside. 

Red Cabbage

What could happen if you leave half a cabbage in the fridge for too long!


This one’s pretty awesome! 


Nope, this just isn’t making us feel good! 


This is one of the worst ones for us. 


These potatoes were forgotten about in a pantry for some time…


And, these ones were forgotten about in a cupboard!


This one isn’t too bad to be fair.

Red Cabbage

Another half cabbage sprouting! 


This gives us the creeps, big time. 


We can’t look at these images for too long! 


Last but not least, a tomato sprouting from the inside out.