40 Incredible Things In Japan That Should Be In Every Country

Japan is a country that is brilliant for many reasons. What we’re going to focus on today is how innovative and creative their population are. Here we present some of the awesome things that you can find in Japan that other countries could definitely benefit from. Some are so simple yet make such big differences! Japan is definitely on our list of places to visit as we really want to see some of these things with our own eyes. Take a look and see what you think! 

One of the lovely things about having a partner is resting your head against their lap. It’s warm, it’s comfortable and it’s intimate. What’s not to like? Unfortunately, not everyone has a partner whose legs they can perch upon. But, why should they miss out on such an enjoyable experience? Well, over in Japan, no one has to miss out, as you can simply go and purchase yourself some leg shaped pillows, complete with clothing! 

There are always jokes made about ‘if only dads could breastfeed’. Even films such as ‘Meet The Fockers’ included a device made up of artificial breasts that could be worn to feed a baby. Well, it appears that this isn’t just a made up thing as over in Japan you can get your hands on a feeding gadget that is similar to the one from the movie! Now dads (and friends and family) can get in on the action a little easier!  

dad nursing attachement


There are plenty of people who enjoy wearing various wigs. However, over in Japan, this trend goes even further! People can buy the hair-on-a-stick type thing that you see below and put it to numerous different uses. Apparently, some people keep them on hand in their offices so they can look better during video calls. And, of course, they make snapping a quick selfie a walk in the park! 

hair ego booster


So many of us can’t help but fall asleep on public transport, or, battle extremely hard to stay awake. But, it doesn’t have to be this way! If you could put a little faith in your fellow humans like the Japanese do, everyone could get a little extra rest on their travels! The hat in the image below roughly says ‘wake me up at…’ so fellow passengers know when to help out. We think for hygiene reasons it would be best if people bought their own hats rather than used universal ones. 

wake me up train hat


When you have a cold or allergies, you can go through toilet paper like there’s no tomorrow. However, it’s hugely annoying getting up and down, going back and forth, even moving a mere meter can be annoying. But, you’re allowed to be lazy when your sick! One way you could make your life easier is to invest in this toilet roll holder that attaches to the top of your head for quick and convenient access to your much needed tissues. 

toilet roll attached to head


The image you see below is of a capsule hotel in Japan. Designed for people who just need to get a good night’s sleep. We think that they look pretty cool although we’re not too sure about the see through doors! We would be very interested in giving this experience a go! These pods probably wouldn’t suit people who are claustrophobic but they look ideal for those who like things to be minimalistic!

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