Embarrassing Text Fails That Will Make You Laugh

?Texting has changed our lives tremendously. It is now that fastest and the easiest way to communicate with our friends and family. But sometimes, the message you are hoping to send to one person could end up to a different one. And because of this, texting could lead to some very embarrassing text fails.

Have you experienced sending a message that was sent to the wrong person? Here are some embarrassing text fails that will make you laugh.


When you just made such a bad decision:


Or you’re digging your own grave:


And you have no idea how the recipient will react:


So naturally you’re just like “oops”.


When you accidentally sent a text to someone with the same name:


How do you recover from this embarrassment?


And things just get super awkward:


And just even more awkward:


Moral of the story: Clear your messages.


Can you actually feel the second embarrassment right now?


When you texted a customer that’s actually pretty funny:


Or let’s just hope that it was a female work friend.


That’s not so bad. Or is it?


This embarrassing text fail that could actually cost you a job:


At least it’s not about doing something else that’s gonna make you look bad.


When it’s just too embarrassing:


Maybe this would turn out well.


But therapists are understanding so maybe this is not that bad.



When you thought you texted your mom but it was the guy you liked:


When you’re going to need all the luck you can get: