22 Foods You’ve Been Eating Wrong Your Whole Life

Many of us are very set in our ways when it comes to cooking. Sometimes this is due to enjoying familiarity and disliking change, but, more often than not this occurs simply due to a lack of information! As humans, naturally we like to find the easiest and most convenient ways of doing something. Here we have 22 images that offer some awesome tips, tricks and hacks that will change your life in the kitchen permanently! Take a look, you might just learn something new! 

Use A Waffle Iron For Leftover Pizza

Leftover pizza can be a wonderful thing. But, there’s no denying sometimes it can be a little stale. Here we have a tip that could change the way you eat leftovers forever! Grab a waffle iron and oil it up. Next, take your pizza slices and fold them in half. Put your pizza in and close the iron! You could even throw in some extra marinara sauce.

waffle iron pizza

Keep Your Old Sriracha Bottles

The design of these bottles makes them perfect for dispensing oil! A simple, no mess, no fuss idea that you don’t have to spend a penny on! 

sriracha bottles as dispensers

How To Quickly Ripen Bananas

This is an ideal tip for if you need to ripen bananas quickly for cooking. Put the fruit on a lined baking sheet and then set your oven to 300 degrees. They will start to turn black around the 40 minute mark, making them ideal for use in making something like banana bread. 

ripen bananas by baking

Use Onion Rings To Cook Eggs Perfectly

Slice an onion to get some rings. They need to be fairly thick to hold the volume of your egg. Press them down in a hot pan that has some oil in it. Break your egg directly into the onion ring and you’re on the way to having perfectly round eggs! Your friends and family will be super impressed! 

use onions to cook eggs

Use Lemons To Grill Your Fish

Everyone knows that grilled fish is delicious but it can leave a right old mess on your barbecue. By using slices of lemon underneath the fish, you’ll not only add extra flavor, but you’ll stop it from sticking to the grill. Although lemon works wonderfully with certain fish such as salmon, we recommend trying out some other citrus fruits such as oranges! 

use lemons to grill fish

How To Quickly Ripen Avocados

Similar to the banana trick mentioned above, you can also bake avocados to ripen them. Wrap them in foil and place into an oven heated to 200 degrees. After around an hour, your avocado should be ready to eat. It WILL taste slightly different to normal, but not in a bad way. This is a great fix for if you need to make some homemade guacamole! 


How To Cook The Best Bacon

Many people would automatically grab a pan if they wanted to cook some bacon. But, there is a better way… baking! Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil and set your oven to 350 degrees. Put the bacon on the sheet and place in to the oven for roughly 20 minutes depending on the desired crispiness. Turn halfway to ensure even results. 

bacon cooking

Peel Bananas From The Bottom

Peeling bananas can be a stringy mess. Next time, try peeling your banana from its bottom instead. This holds much of the fibrous strands together providing you with a less messy experience. 


Cook Your Carrots

Many people make the assumption that raw vegetables are healthier. Although true in some cases, it’s the opposite for others! Cooking your carrots results in higher carotenoids, which are very good for your health. 


Stop Your Ice Cream Getting Freezer Burned

To prevent freezer burn from occurring with your favorite ice creams you’ll need two resealable plastic bags. Put your ice cream container into one of the bags. Then, put the second bag around the ice cream, making sure the seals of each bag are at opposing ends. This will prevent moisture from accessing your ice cream containers. 

ice cream

How To Get Clear Ice Cubes

To ensure you have clear ice cubes rather than cloudy, boil your water first. After letting it cool, freeze it. The boiling process should have removed some of the impurities that cause clouding. It will most likely taste the same, but it will look much nicer! 

ice cubes

Use A Fork For Dunking Oreos

It’s crazy how many people still don’t think to do this! Pierce your fork through the creamy filling and then dunk! It’s as simple as that! 


Understand Your Tea

It may come as a surprise to you, but some people don’t realize that different teas need to be brewed differently! White, green and yellow teas should be brewed for roughly 1-2 minutes whereas black and oolong teas should be done for 2-3 minutes. Herbal teas need to brew for even longer, 3-6 minutes. 

teas brewing

Freeze Oreos

Why not try dipping some Oreos into milk and them placing them in to a bag for freezing. You’ll thank us later! 

oreos dipped in milk frozen

Good Sandwich Guide

If you’re particular about your sandwiches, you’ll probably already know this tip. Ensure your bread has full coverage by cutting and placing your meat/cheese/filling like in the image below! 

lunch meat organise guide

Leftover Candy Makes For Great Hot Chocolate

Give your hot chocolate a minty kick using left over candies. Using a mortar and pestle, crush your candies then mix them with your hot chocolate before adding the boiling water. This will make your drink very sugary so we recommend this as an every now and again treat!

use leftover candy to make hot chocolate

Put Spaghetti Through Hot Dogs

This is a great dish for fussy kids! Pierce your hot dogs with spaghetti and cook as normal. Customize as you please! 

use hot dogs for meatballs

Coat Your French Toast With Cereal

Add some crunch to your french toast by coating it with cereal! We recommend crushed corn flakes for the best results. Once you have coated your bread in your egg mixture dunk it into your crushed cereal. Make sure you have a decent layer of oil in your pan for this to cook properly. 

coat your french toast with cereal

Bacon Pancakes

Mix two delicious foods into one like in the image below for a delicious treat! 

bacon fused pancakes

Use Dental Floss To Cut Cakes

Ensure you have equal slices with a smooth cut using dental floss! Just make sure if you are going to use this tip that you purchase unflavored floss. No one wants their cake ruined with a minty taste! 

use dental floss to cut cakes

Prevent Your Tomatoes From Falling Out Of Your Sandwich

Some people love to include some delicious tomato slices in their sandwiches. However, they can be slippy and slimy making eating the sandwich less enjoyable. By folding your lunch meat (or lettuce) over your tomatoes, they will stay in place! 

tomatoes wrapped in ham