12 Awesome Moms Who Are Just Too Funny


Aren't moms just the best? Not only are they always looking out for you, but they also inject some much-needed humor into your life, whether it's intentional or not. Okay, so it's usually unintentional, but either way, we love that they can make us laugh! Here we have twelve awesome moms who have really upped the game on being funny. We think this is the cream of the crop, but be sure to leave us a comment below if you have any better mom jokes to share! Now, take a look and prepare to have a giggle!


This mom has just figured out how to text using the voice recognition function on her phone.


And this mom who has only just about figured out how to text in general!


This mom whose selfie game is on point.


This mom who said 'damn' in front of Santa.


This mom who is a bit too serious about the war on drugs.




And, this mom who is clearly not serious about the war on drugs, and posed for a picture with a drug dealer in Jamaica.


We think this mom is ready for grandkids.


This mom who's a real fun guy… get it?!


This mom who has an important message for her son!


This mom who will never stop instilling bathroom etiquette, and too right!


This mom has made an enemy of her cat.


And, this mom who wants to make sure her son stays on top of the latest lingo.

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