Hopeless Romantics Showing A Whole New Level Of Flirting

There’s nothing wrong with being a hopeless romantic. And if you think you are one, it doesn’t specifically means that you’re literally hopeless. As a matter of fact, hopeless romantics are loving people who still believe in chivalry. They think about love and romance in a different way than other people. So when they show interest to the person who caught their affection, they can take flirting to another level. Besides, they are not the typical suitors. And they usually flirt in the most hilarious way. Here are some examples of hopeless romantics showing a whole new level of flirting. Why not take a leaf out their book and give these tactics a go!



This barista knows how to be smooth with girls. Way to go!

If you can’t spell it, change it.

Duh, you should learn your biology!

Let me know when it’s my turn, okay?

Can a single rose do the trick? We also wonder.

Suave move at its finest.

A happy meal for a happy ending.

The use of analogy in flirting always works every time.

Flirting tactics you may or may not want to try



Translation: Looking for babysitter!!! For a 28 years old baby.

Oh never mind, forget about my previous messages! (neuralyzer flashes)

You’re driving this driver crazy.

First love never dies for some. This is certainly true in this case.

Whether you like it or not. It’s your fault anyway.

Trying to be romantic and using a fish as a reference isn’t a good idea. Creep!

You should always come fully prepared for anything, like this guy.

And she keeps on wondering why she’s still single.