Funny Packaging Fails That Have Successfully Deceived People

How many times have you been deceived by false advertisements and misleading labels? We’re going to guess it’s quite a few at the least. Everyone has fallen victim to blatant lies on product packaging at some point or another. They seem to be getting more and more ridiculous! Here we have some funny packaging fails that have caused anger and laughter. These sneaky marketing games need to be exposed! The people and businesses responsible for these items should be ashamed! Take a look and feel free to vent your frustrations in the comments section!

Where have all the fillings gone? This is not okay!

What an annoying waste!

Make up your mind!

Fake dating profiles be like… 

What part of ‘seedless’ don’t people understand?

The face of pure disappointment! 

Sneaky strip! 

Keep Going To See More!

We know that food doesn’t always look like the advertisement but this sucks. 

The people behind this cheeseburger are evil geniuses! 

We only need to put them where people can see them.

Well, it does say berry and not berries! 

Spot the differences… it shouldn’t be too hard! 

Imagine being really hungry only to open your sandwich and find this… 

This is terrible! That’s one cereal we will definitely be avoiding.