The ‘Bumper Dumper’ Is A Hitch Mountable Portable Toilet For Your Car

When you gotta go, you gotta go. But what if you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere with no available toilet rooms in sight? Worry no more because this hitch mountable portable toilet is the ultimate potty solution for people who love to travel a lot. Everyone has their own embarrassing stories of dealing with calling nature at the worst possible time.

You’re camping or hiking in the wilderness and you suddenly felt the urge to do a number two. With no restrooms around, the only option you have is to look for a secluded spot behind a bush. Of course, you also need to make sure that the spot is free from poison ivies and poison oaks. And while you’re squatting down to start your business, crawlers (or worse a snake) start attacking you from nowhere. Then you start to question why this messy mishap is falling upon you.

bumper dumper hitch mountable portable toilet

Save yourself from this nightmarish situation and get yourself this hitch mountable portable toilet on your next outdoor adventure. It features a standard toilet seat and cover along with a steel powder coated frame. Simply mount it into your car’s 2×2 hitch receiver. The toilet seat can be used in conjunction with a 5 gallon bucket or a bin bag to contain your fecal matter. Or you can use it as a standalone unit by digging a small hole right below the toilet seat. Then you can just bury your dung when you’re done.

This portable toilet can be attached to a 2×2 hitch receiver of your car

bumper dumper hitch mountable portable toilet bin bag

It can also be attached to a 5 gallon bucket to be used as a standalone portable toilet

bumper dumper hitch mountable portable toilet standalone

How sturdy is this mountable portable toilet, you might ask? The frame is strong enough to sustain over 500 lbs of weight. Furthermore, it has channels for attachment to keep the 5-gallon bucket or bin bag in place. Take note that the bucket and bin bags are not included so you’ll need to buy them separately. No more squatting down in bushes or having to force yourself to use a filthy toilet at the gas station.

Whether you’re out in the wilderness, on the beach, or on a long secluded stretch of road, this hitch mountable portable toilet will keep your mind at ease. Get the hitch mountable portable toilet here so you can always go when you need to go.

bumper dumper hitch mountable portable toilet frame

Get yours here.