You Can Get A Boozy Cocoa Cream Liqueur To Extend The Holiday Cheer

This year, the competition is stiff for boozy sips. Just when the Egg Nog Wine Cocktail is about to win it all, Trader Joe’s released the Cocoa Cream Liqueur. Our holiday just got a lot sweeter with this new offering. This irresistible blend of real dairy cream and premium spirits comes in a 750ml bottle to pour more delightful fun into the holiday season.

This rich and smooth liqueur retails at a price ranging from $7.99 to $8.99 depending on the state. It contains a pretty impressive 14.75% ABV to get you into the holiday spirit. There are several ways to enjoy this creamy liqueur. You can add it to your after-dinner coffee, pour it over your favorite ice cream or simply serve it over ice. You can also add a dash of cinnamon or nutmeg over the liqueur to add more appetizing flavors.


Trader Joe’s Cocoa Cream Liqueur


trader joes cocoa cream liqueur
Trader Joe’s

This limited edition liqueur is available in all Trader Joe’s stores so you may want to stock up while it lasts. Now, who’s craving for alcoholic chocolate milk? Let’s run to the nearest Trader Joe’s stores and grab a bottle or two of this mild bodied, creamy sip. Our holiday just couldn’t get any better than this.