20 Useful Inventions That Make Life Easier


Check out this list of 20 of the most awesome inventions you didn’t know you needed. It’s only when you look at these cool things you realize how much you totally need them. Always losing your keys? There’s an app to help you out. Are your headphones always getting tangled up in your pocket? Why not invest in some zipper ones so that never happens again? Let us know which of the invention below is your favorite in the comments.

With these zipper headphones your cables will never get tangled again.

zipper headphones

Find them here.

These stickers let you know when your fruit is ready to be eaten.

mango sticker

When you recycle your old bottles in this machine, money is put onto your subway card.

man recycling

This simply designed mug will catch drips with ease!

coffee cup drips

This little gadget allows you to read books single-handed!

thumbthing book

Find it here.

This device charges your phone via solar power.

solar cell charger


This power bar comes in cool colors, can be added to and rotates too!

colorful power bar

This bag and purse-holding restaurant chair is very handy for storing stuff when you’re out and about.

bag holding chair

This device won’t allow you to listen to your tunes until you are safely buckled up.

unmute audio

Tile is an awesome iOS app which synchs with little tiles you can put on important stuff like keys, diaries and so on. If you lose your important item, your iPhone will help locate it!


Check out this wall outlet with built in USBs, so handy!

wall outlet usb

Find it here.

This tab insert gets the chips from the bottom of the tube for you!

chip dispensing tube

Everyone is complaining about kids getting no exercise nowadays, well now they can with this school desk with pedals!

desk girl pedals

Turn any faucet into a drinking fountain with this little gadget!

drinking fountain faucet

Find it here.

This mirror has a hidden heated panel so it will never fog up when you shower.

mirror bathroom

This see through toaster allows you to get your bread just how you like it!

see through toaster

Find a similar one here.

Every dog needs a cool raincoat like this one!

dog raincoat

Find it here.

This tie contains a microfiber section so you can clean your glasses and phone screen no problem!

microfiber tie

Every safety-conscious biker needs this jacket with brake and signal lights built into the back!

biker jacket lights

Find something similar here.

These gas pumps in Seoul hang from the ceiling so no matter what side your petrol cap is on you can fill your car up with ease!

gas pumps hang ceiling