If You’re Feeling Down, Just Remember That Horses Can Actually Grow Mustaches

If you think that ‘internet supremacy’ is an exclusive battle between cats and dogs then you’re wrong. As, gorgeous horses are here to take the spotlight away as the internet is now smitten with horse mustaches. The truth is, there are some ponies that can actually grow a mustache. And if you’ve seen one before, you probably think that horses with a mustache are either cute or weird. But, if you haven’t seen one yet, this is your chance because we have some of the best pictures to show you!

Some breeds such as the Gypsy Vanner actually grow mustaches and this isn’t really a surprise because these horse breeds are known for their thick manes. And it is believed that the genes responsible for their long hair are also causing them to grow mustaches. Amusingly, this unusual trait doesn’t only manifest on male horses but also on female horses as well.


Horse Mustaches

So, people have been posting photos of these horses on social media lately. And the ones with mustaches are currently blowing the minds of the internet. But, do horses look better with a mustache? Or are they better off without it? That really depends on how you look at this facial feature.

Regardless of what you think, there’s no denying that these horses are the funniest things we’ve seen so far. And if you’re looking for something to make you feel better, these dapper-looking horses will surely tickle your fancy. We’ve gathered some of the funniest photos of horses sporting their odd-looking stashes that will keep you laughing for hours. And don’t forget to tell us what you think about our mustached hoofed friends. Do you find them adorable? Or do you find them weird?

















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So, which horse photo is your favorite?