14 Valentine’s Day Ideas You And Your Partner Will Love


With Valentine's Day just around the corner, hearts are a fluttering with nervous excitement, especially among new couples. The most romantic day of the year, at least to some, can be a bit difficult if you are in a couple just starting out. There are so many unknowns. Do you get them a gift? How much should you spend? What if they don't get you one in return? How embarrassing. Well, I can't advise you on that particular matter, but if you're stuck for things to do, then why not try one of these 14 Valentine's Day ideas for new couples. You're sure to find something that suits!


Go for a drink. Maybe to somewhere with a nice view. Simple, yet effective.


Prepare a simple dinner together and buy a nice bottle of wine to go with it. Very romantic!

Visit a dusty old bookstore and find a copy of your favorite book for them to read. 


Wrap up warm and go for a nature walk together. Cost-free and potentially romantic?


Try something neither of you have done before. Adventurous!


Don't go for dinner, mix it up a little and find the best brunch place in your town or city. Then go there.


Share a secret with your new love. And make them share one in return. It could be your biggest fear or your loftiest goal. It doesn't matter, it's all about getting to know each other better.

Play video games together. He'll love it. 


Do something artistic or creative together. Painting, dance or playing music comes to mind.


Go on a group date. Good for nervous types as it takes the pressure off a 'first Valentine's Day' experience. 



Go window shopping. And pay attention to your partner's wants and desires.


Go bowling. Bowling is always fun, no matter what day it is.


Watch both of your favorite movies back to back. 


Or, failing all of the above, just boycott Valentine's Day. Who really needs it, anyway?

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