Quick Serve Heinz Macaroni Cheese In A Can

Some people have just recently discovered a canned mac ‘n cheese on Amazon and are quite surprised that this is actually a thing. Apparently, Amazon is selling Heinz Macaroni Cheese. It’s basically mac ‘n cheese in a can. And people aren’t really sure what to think about it.

It appears that Heinz mac ‘n cheese has been available in the UK and Canada for years. But the food processing company finally decided to offer it online to the US in 2019. It is a part of the brand’s Pasta Meals range which also includes Beef Ravioli, Spaghetti Bolognese and Spaghetti & Sausages. This canned mac ‘n cheese features ready-to-eat Italian pasta in creamy cheese sauce made of cheddar cheese, reduced-fat cheese and skimmed milk.


Heinz Macaroni Cheese

heinz macaroni cheese

This is actually not the first time that the brand has come up with a controversial offer. Who could ever forget the Funky Purple EZ Squirt Ketchup and the sauce mashups including the Kranch, Mayomust, Mayocue and Mayochup? If you consider eating mac ‘n cheese straight from a can an odd thing then you might need to reconsider. As the Brits and Canadians have been doing it for years. So, it appears as though Americans have been missing out.



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Thankfully, the Macaroni Cheese is now available in the U.S. by import. It is available in a 400g can, making it perfect for a quick and easy treat for everyone. To prepare, empty the contents into a saucepan and stir gently while heating. Make sure not to boil as this would affect the flavor and the texture of the pasta. You can also heat it in the microwave by emptying the content into a microwaveable container. Heat on full power for 2 minutes.



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