16 Creative And Amazing Ways To Reuse Old Tires


If you keep a vehicle on the road, then you’re routinely going to have old, worn out tires to get rid of. Rather than discarding them and having them end up in landfill, why not try one of these creative ways to reuse them? From tire swings to ottomans, there are many ways that you can repurpose old tires. Not only will you be helping the environment by reusing your old tires, you might save yourself some cash by making something that you want or need rather than buying it.

Make a decorative tire zebra… because you can!

This tire table is pretty neat.

Kids will have hours of fun with a tire swing.

These painted tires make a gorgeous sofa.

These old tires make an interesting and different sink.

Reused tires give this store a stylish, industrial look.

This cute tire rocker is amazing!

A next level tire swing! Awesome!

A variety of pots can be made from recycled tires.

These gorgeous planters are all made from old tires.

You’d never believe this ottoman was made out of an old tire.

A tractor tire can make an excellent mini sandbox. 

These tire stools might get a bit soggy after a rainfall, but they’re awesome none the less. 

These old tires have been turned into kids’ play equipment.

Old tires can be turned into a cool storage bucket.

This wrapped inner tube makes a comfy chair!