Your Cat Can Now Hop On The Property Ladder With A Luxury Cat House

Let your precious furball enjoy life outdoors with this cat apartment. Contrary to what most of us believe, cats are not indoor animals. As a matter of fact, felines are naturally wild animals that generally strive by hunting in the wild. But since domestication, cats have been confined indoors most of the time. For cat owners, keeping them inside the house keeps them safe from external threats such as predators, thieves, vehicular accidents or getting lost. But as natural born hunters, their desire for the outdoors will come out from time to time.

So, it is necessary to let them out, let them breath in fresh air and to bask in the sunshine sometimes.


outdoor cat apartment

Appease your kitty’s longing for the outdoor and get this cute cat house. It features three levels where your cat can explore and take a nap. Suitable for cats of any size, it has one entry door on the bottom level where your kitty can easily go in and out. Additionally, the second and third levels each has a nice balcony where your cute feline can enjoy a view of their surroundings.

In order make it look like a luxurious house, it also features windows on the second and third levels. The shingles on the top provide protection from the rain just in case your pet got stuck outside during a bad weather.

outdoor cat apartment three levels


luxurious multi-level condo for feline pets bottom level door


outdoor cat apartment interior


luxurious multi-level condo for feline pets


What Is The Outdoor Cat Apartment Made Of?

This outdoor apartment is crafted from solid wood, metal and a weatherproof finish making it ideal for the outdoors. The shingles are made of composite asphalt that can withstand even the harshest elements of the outdoors. It uses a latch closure type to secure your pet inside.

Your cat will never want to go anywhere else again. If your furry friend refuses to come out from its comfy abode, simply open up the entire side to access your pet.

outdoor cat apartment interior thrid level window


outdoor cat apartment sphalt shingles


luxurious multi-level condo for feline pets latch closure


luxurious multi-level condo for feline pets upper level door

The apartment is available in light grey/white color. You’ll need to assemble the components to build the structure and it also includes all the tools necessary for assembly. When fully assembled, it measures 45.5 inches high, 34.25 inches wide and 25 inches deep. It has a weight capacity of up to 15 lbs so it is suitable for one or two cats to explore inside at once. Get this luxurious condo for your kitty here and let your cat be a cat, as it should be.

If you’re too worried for your cat’s safety, you can opt to add a screen and wood attachment. This reliable enclosure will keep them safe from predators (and escaping) while giving them more space to explore.

add-on screen and wooden attachment


Gatsby Outdoor Cat House


trixie cat gates pens

Get the outdoor apartment here or here and the add-on enclosure here.