11 Times Being An Adult Isn’t The Coolest Thing


When you're a kid, you think that being an adult is going to be so awesome. After all, you can stay up as late as you want and eat ice cream for dinner, right?! Well, sure, you could, but if you stay up later than 10 pm you're going to be totally useless at work the next day, and if you eat junk food for dinner you're going to get heartburn so bad you'll want to live off broth for a week. There are some positives about being an adult, but it isn't half as amazing as you thought it would be! Check out these eleven times when being an adult is so not cool, and then share your sorrows with us!


When you realize that you're not fun anymore.


When people stop validating even your smallest of achievements. No more 'good job' for brushing your teeth or doing your work on time.


When you're tired, like, all of the time!


When you realize that you totally identify with 'Squidward' now.



When people expect you to be doing grown-up things like saving and making plans for the future.


When you discover that you really should have been listening to your parents all along!


When you have to work for pretty much all of your waking hours.


When it gets super hard to make new friends.


When your body literally starts failing you and you get aches and pains for no reason.


When you start thinking about prices in terms of how many hours or minutes you had to work to earn the money to buy something, and things start to seem ridiculously expensive!


When you realize you can no longer eat whatever you want and have to eat a balanced diet to feel good.

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