14 Expensive Indulgences That Mega-Rich Celebrities Have Splashed Out On


We are definitely not saying that they're better than us, but you have to admit, celebrities are on another level from mere mortals, in a myriad of ways. One of these is their spending power from those big fat juicy paychecks! Another is their penchant for buying the most ridiculously expensive, crazy and lavish gifts for themselves and others. Just like these 14 shockingly expensive things celebs splashed out on, below! Take a look!


Kanye West bought his wife, Kim Kardashian, ten 'Burger King' restaurants, estimated to be worth about $7.5 million!


When they were married, Katy Perry splashed out $200,000 to send hubby Russell Brand into space. We bet she wishes he won't be coming back, now!


Jay-Z spent $250,000 for just two bottles of his favorite champagne!


Sandra Bullock bought her baby a $20,000 Andy Warhol painting!


Lady Gaga once spent $60,000 on Koi fish!


Mike Tyson once bought an incredible $2 million bathtub. Yes, you heard that right!



Drake spent $50,000 on strippers!


Kim Kardashian forked out an unbelievable $767,000 on toilet seats. Gold plated, darling!

Kanye West had some of his bottom teeth removed, replacing them with a gold bar, at a cost of more than $60,000!


Justin Bieber spent more than $5000 on a Halloween costume!


Apparently, Rihanna spends millions every year on her hair alone!


Miley Cyrus bought a 'Range Rover' priced around six figures… for her dogs!


Beyonce bought her daughter a 'Barbie'. But not just any old Barbie, this one cost $85,000!

And finally we're back to Lady Gaga, who spent $50,000 on a device to protect her from ghosts!

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