Harry Potter Sock Advent Calendars Are The Best Way To Countdown Christmas

Attention, witches and wizards: Target has released magical Harry Potter Sock Advent Calendars. Yes, you read it right. Calendars. This year, Target is not only releasing one but four sock advent calendars inspired by the magical world of Harry Potter!

The retail shopping giant has released an impressive array of sock advent calendars to choose from. Their expanded collection includes calendars for fans of various famous franchises like Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, the Marvel Universe, even Lilo & Stitch! But Harry Potter, having proven that it is a true crowd favorite, has received more attention than the others.

This collection is Dobby’s dream come true, as you will be getting a pair of socks every day. Well, for fifteen days, actually. And these calendars won’t empty your Gringotts vault either, as all four calendars containing 15 socks only retails for $15 each. Each set includes 5 crew-cut socks and 10 low-cut socks emblazoned with house sigils, famous quotes, and wizarding-inspired designs. It’s definitely a bigger range, considering that last year’s sock advent calendar only had 12 socks.

But choosing just one set may become difficult, as the socks inside the calendars have different designs. That’s why we are sharing with you the four collections to help make the decision-making easier:

Harry Potter Sock Advent Calendars

1. The Symbolic Set

Harry Potter Sock Advent Calendar Crest

Harry Potter Sock Advent Calendar CrestThis Harry Potter smorgasbord contains socks bearing the house sigils, the school crest, and significant imagery presented in the books and films. It certainly will make anyone feel like they’ve attended Hogwarts themselves. Get the collection here.

2. The Matching Set

Harry Potter Sock Advent Calendar Owl


Harry Potter Sock Advent Collection

The socks included here are more vibrant and have a better contrast than the first set. It also has a better sense of design cohesiveness. The minimalist patterns of the house sigils match and contrast nicely. It’s a far more stylish take on the Hogwarts imagery. It’s time to mix and match!

3. The Statement Set

Harry Potter Castle Sock Advent Calendar

Harry Potter Castle Sock Advent CalendarIt’s a no-brainer that any Harry Potter fan would have at least one item of clothing related to the fandom. So, if you already have the standard designs, then this collection suits you, as it contains a lot of unique and bold pairs. This set is currently SOLD OUT as of writing, however you can still check if they have new stocks here.

4. Harry Potter Would Wear These

Harry Potter Mens Socks In A Box

Harry Potter Mens Socks In A BoxThe socks included in this box are sporty and contain designs devoted entirely to the magical alma mater. There’s a lot of checkers and stripes incorporated to the design which reminds of Quidditch and football. You or your wizard friend will love it. Get it here.

So there you have all the Harry Potter sock advent calendars. You really can’t go wrong with any of the choices that Target’s given… unless you take too long to hit “add to cart” and you’re left with nothing. So grab your broomstick, apparate, use a Portkey, or even use Floo Powder (though we doubt that any Target store has a fireplace…) before the House Elf Liberation Front hoards them all!