16 Photos That Will Make Your Blood Boil With Rage

Day to day life can be awesome, but it can also be super frustrating! Whether it’s something another person did or something you did yourself, the little things can sometimes make your blood boil. But, before you Hulk out over an inconsiderate driver on the roads or a smashed Pop Tart, remember that there’s always somebody else who has had it worse. Check out these 16 photos of things that would make you angry, or at least annoyed, if they happened to you. Sure, these things aren’t exactly the end of the world, especially in comparison to what others face, but they could certainly put a downer on your day, none the less!

No, it’s okay. I just love completing a shopping cart obstacle course as I drive around the parking lot. 


Whoa! Has a tornado been through here? Wait, no… Just some unruly kids and their ineffectual parents.

Look away! You don’t need to see this! *Sobs*

Whoever thinks this is acceptable teaspoon etiquette needs a stern talking to!

One seat for your butt, one seat for your feet, and one seat for your bag… seems legit. 

Yes, because the middle of a beautiful stream is exactly the right place to throw a bag of trash.

Nice parking job, loser!

That’s fine. I wanted to clean up the huge mess you left behind.

Neon? You call that neon?!

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