You Can Now Get A Gasoline-Scented Candle For Those Of You Who Can’t Get Enough Of The Smell

Everyone has a guilty pleasure – for some of us, it’s the smell of gasoline. As weird as it sounds, there are actually those who love the smell of petrol. And if you’re one of us then you don’t have to repress your yearning anymore because you can get this gasoline-scented candle. Yes, you heard it right! This candle really smells like real petrol so you can breathe in your favorite odour without any worries.

This candle is brought to us by The Stinky Candle Co. From the name of the company itself, you can already surmise what they have in store for us. If you think this company specializes in making candles in weird scents then you’re absolutely right. Aside from its petrol-scented candle, it also offers other unusual variants that are even more shocking than this one.


Gasoline-Scented Candle

stinky candle co gasoline scented

Some of the bizarre scents include bacon, chlorine, onion, motor oil, wet grass, and potting soil to name some few. There are also other repulsive scents such as vomit, fart, rotting flesh, body odor and urine. We’re not sure if there are some people who actually find these disgusting scents pleasant. But we’re sure about one thing – the gasoline candle is our favorite among this weird line of candles.

True enough, there’s something about the smell of petrol that is so irresistible. The distinct sweet odor comes from benzene, one of the chemicals found in gasoline. But always remember that chronic inhalation of gasoline vapors is severely dangerous. Sniffing large amounts of gasoline vapors can lead to headaches, dizziness, nausea and breathing difficulties. Direct inhalation of gasoline can also result in loss of muscle control, a coma and even sudden death. No matter how pleasant it smells, keep in mind that the smell of petrol is toxic.

gasoline-scented candle

Thank goodness for this candle as we can now sniff that satisfying petrol odor without fear. This jar-type candle comes in a metal holder with a lid included. It features a yellow-colored soy wax with artificial scents, no actual gasoline is mixed into the candle. The 4-oz candle provides a burn time of up to 30 hours.

gasoline-scented candle stinky candle co

Source: Stinky Candle Co. | Wayfair