Cold Stone Creamery Have Released A Circus Animal Cookies Ice Cream Treat

Cold Stone Creamery is serving not one but two kooky cookie-filled creations that look and taste like childhood wonder. We all love a good chocolate chip cookie, but there’s no denying that circus animal cookies just bring an entirely different snacking experience. Their fun shapes, coupled with sweet, colorful frosting definitely add a sense of whimsy to snack time! Golden Oreos, on the other hand, have completely changed our cookie sandwich loving lives. And now, thanks to these new creations, you get to enjoy them together with ice cream – how dreamy is that?!

These new Creations channel the essence of childhood. You’ll be seeing (and tasting!) a lot of colorful and delicious elements in both limited edition Creations, like real strawberry bits, sprinkles and of course, Mother’s Circus Animal Cookies. Sara Schmillen, vice president of marketing at Kahala Brands said in a release:

“We wanted to bring nostalgic childhood cookie favorites to guests, but with a Cold Stone Creamery twist. These iconic cookies, paired with our super-premium ice cream, will delight customers of any age!”


Treat yourself to these delicious new Creations

The “It’s a Circus In Here!” Creation is like a mixture of all the wondrous elements of a circus. For starters, Mother’s Circus Animal Cookies are mixed together with their signature ice cream. Then, more circus animal cookies are loaded onto the treat before being bedazzled with marshmallows and rainbow sprinkles. I don’t know about you but it absolutely looks like something a little princess would love digging into!

Cold Stone It's A Circus In Here Creation
Cold Stone


Cold Stone Golden OREO Good as Gold Creation
Cold Stone

Meanwhile, the “Golden OREO Good as Gold” Creation has a more sophisticated appeal. Its Golden OREO ice cream with added Golden OREO cookie bits promises a sweet moment with every mouthful. The chunky Creation also promises a bit of tangy sweetness with its chopped strawberry mix-in. A drizzle of caramel and dollops of lemon whip finish this Creation off. These two kooky treats are available in stores from February 19th to April 14th, which should be enough time for you to sample both! You won’t want to miss these treats that’ll surely blast your taste buds with nostalgic flavors!


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