Shocking Ways How People Deal With Rude Customers

They say ‘customers are always right’. This is why customers always have the upper hand over the employees or staffs tending them. And this gives them the right to be rude, because they think they are always right.


But don’t think for a second that these rude customers can get away easily. Customer service personnel are humans too. And they will find ways to even the score on their own ways.


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If your Coke tastes like Fanta Orange, it really means something else.

It’s like saying, ‘Get lost, you meanie!’

Squish ’em good!

Punish them with a decaf.

You have to pay  for being rude.

This could help them cool down.

Let the rude customers wait.

Don’t be a rude customer if you don’t want this to happen to you.

Don’t mess with the person making your food.

Wasting their precious time is the sweetest revenge.

Be nice or I’ll burn your milk.

Giving them what they deserve.

If you are rude, they’ll love to see you struggle.