This Pattern Shows You How To Crochet Your Own Adorable Spider

Looking for something fun to do with your free time? What about making a crochet spider to decorate your home for the Halloween? We understand that not everyone is a fan of these eight-legged critters. And most of us would probably run away screaming at the sight of these creepy-looking crawlers. We’ve got to admit that we’re not the biggest fans of arachnids ourselves. With their freaky eight legs, eight eyes, and quick erratic movement, there’s really nothing cute about them aside from the fact that they mostly eat disease-carrying mosquitoes and crop-destroying insects.

Nevertheless, we wouldn’t mind having these huggable crochet spiders hanging around our house. These yarn creatures may be inspired from the real eight-legged freaks, but they are far from creepy. Just like the real thing, this yarn spider also has eight legs and eight eyes. Only this one doesn’t crawl or make sudden movements. All it offers is its cuteness and cuddliness to give you a comforting hug when you need it.


Crochet Spider

crochet spider pattern only

If you’re ready to make this crochet spider, prepare your yarn and knitting needles, and get the pattern from this Etsy shop. The digital pattern in PDF file format includes detailed instructions and the list of necessary materials and tool to help you create these snuggle buddies. Please note that you will be buying the digital pattern only, not the finished product or any physical items.

yarn spiders pattern only


crochet spider pattern


crochet spider

Once payment is made, the pattern will be available for you to download. If you’re a beginner on this craft, you will have no problem following the step-by-step instructions. And when we say ‘beginner’, that means you already have a basic knowledge and skill about crocheting. Take note that the pattern won’t teach you the basics. Perhaps watching some video tutorials on YouTube can help you with that.

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colorful yarn huggable animal


yarn animal diy pattern


crochet spider pdf pattern

You can experiment with different colors of yarn to create your very own crochet spider. The finished product should measure 12 inches long and 12 inches wide. One satisfied customer wrote:

“I absolutely love this pattern and the variations between each spider. Since I bought the pattern, I’ve made three of them haha love it!”

crochet spider yarn


huggable arachnid

Source: Etsy