People Reveal The Reasons They Secretly Hate Their Sisters

Unfortunately, getting along with our family members isn’t always easy. This is particularly true when it comes to siblings. Of course, it’s natural to fight and bicker with your brothers and sisters, especially whilst you are growing up. However, sometimes these family feuds stretch out into adulthood. Here we have a list of people revealing the reasons they secretly hate their sisters. Whilst many of them are a shame, you can see why the relationships have become fractured. Take a look!
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This sounds salvageable to an extent. Communication and understanding is key!

It’s not nice feeling like people are looking down on you. 

She does sound like quite the nightmare! 

It’s so frustrating when there are obvious double standards at play. 

This doesn’t seem like a very fair reason to hate someone, but we guess this person is just being honest! 

Even when you can’t stand your siblings, you’d still do anything to protect them and get justice if they are wronged!

Sometimes you try and try but nothing changes. 

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We’re guessing that a pretty savage prank went on here… 

‘Slothful’ may be one of our new favorite words. 

It appears ‘sharing is caring’ does not apply here. 

No one likes watching this happen! 

It can be irritating when someone is ‘too nice’ but it seems like a pretty harsh reason to hate someone! 

It sucks when you can’t wait to leave people behind that you should love. 

Sometimes you have to do what’s best for you. 

We hate these kinds of people too!