You Can Get Halloween Cat Gnomes For Your Garden

Time to give your garden dwarf figurines a holiday break and let these adorable Halloween Cat Lawn Gnomes guard your garden throughout the spooky season. If you’re into something cute and creepy then these garden ornaments fit the bill. Feline lovers and Goths are sure to go gaga over these statues. And it’s simply because they come as lovely kitties and they’re in eerie black color that will make them striking accents in any Gothic-themed homes.

Black cats have been a classic symbol of Halloween and are often depicted alongside witches. And if you’re uncomfortable with the gory stuff and all things macabre then there’s no reason to push yourself. You can still add a touch of spookiness to your home without going extreme with your decorations. If you’re anything like us, you’d prefer cutesy stunners than the gruesome shockers to adorn your home. These black cat lawn gnomes will do their job of bringing the Halloween spirit to your yard. Instead of yuck, these Halloween decors will charm their way into your guests with their bewitching cuteness.


Halloween Cat Lawn Gnomes

halloween cat lawn gnomes

These cat lawn gnomes come in 3 different styles. There’s the one with demon horns, one with bat wings and fangs, and the one in a witch’s outfit. All 3 black kitties bear the devil’s star on their foreheads and all come with a skull accent around their necks. They are freestanding statues so you can just place them on any surface, whether on the grass, ground, concrete, or wooden floors.

gothic feline statue devil horn


gothic feline statue vampire bat


gothic feline statue witch outfit

These Halloween cat lawn gnomes are made of resin and are designed to withstand outdoor elements. You can also place them indoors to adorn your Gothic-style interior scheme. Each statue is sold separately. But take our advice and get them all because one statue would make the solitary kitty feeling so lonely. Each piece measures 4 inches tall and 2.2 inches wide.

halloween cat lawn gnomes resin


halloween cat lawn gnomes black


halloween cat lawn gnomes black resin

Source: Etsy