14 Weird Toy Designs That Are Shockingly Bad

If you think toys are all fun and games,  think again. We’ve seen a lot of awfully designed toys that are hilariously strange and we can’t help but to poke fun at them. Here we have a collection of weird toy designs that are shockingly bad. How these products got the seal of approval we will never know!

Seems like age is catching up with Sonic.

These toys are intended to control badly behaved children. How does bondage and imprisonment sound to kids?

A puppet set that transforms your hand into a centaur.

Here’s one Pteranodon who wants to bare it all.

Leonardo and Raphael are brewing something sinister. On the other hand, Donatello and Michelangelo don’t have a single clue what’s going on.

They call it ‘growing’, I call it ‘swelling’.

Fun for kids but not for this cookie.

Why would anyone want a baby cry?

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Here comes the meat ambulance to bust the vegans.

You’re supposed to teach children NOT to play with toxic waste, not the other way around.

Will Turner sure looks upset.

And the wolf lost his mind when he saw Granny’s nightmarish face. The end.

The case of the limbless baby kangaroo.

Those bulging eyes will haunt you in your dreams.