Dad Makes Clever Train Track T-Shirt So His Son Can Play While Giving Him A Massage

Every problem has a solution. All it takes is a bit of ingenuity and brilliant strategy to win at life. A Japanese man proved that creativity is the answer to everything. Ken Kawamoto, a software engineer for Google, is stuck in a sedentary lifestyle due to the nature of his work.  Obviously, sitting on an office chair most of the time is unhealthy for both mind and body. This type of lifestyle is actually the perfect instance to get a regular back massage. Long hours of posing in the same position can result to back pain and lumbar muscle fatigue. Hence, a relaxing back massage after work can do miracles to the body. This inspired Kawamoto to find a way to trick his little kid to give him a back rub whenever he needs it. And no one would have thought that all it takes is a brilliant t-shirt.

ken kawamoto brilliant t-shirt railroad

Kawamoto designed a brilliant t-shirt with train tracks printed at the back. Since his son loves to play with toy trains, he thought of an idea that would benefit both dad and son. The idea first came to him when he was lying down on the floor while working on his laptop. His son suddenly ran the toy train on his back and used it as a railroad. Kawamoto felt the refreshing effect of the unintentional backrub and that’s when the clever idea popped out.

In order to give his son the railroad he desires, he designed a train track t-shirt. So, his little tot can run his toy trains on it as much as he wants. Moreover, dad can get a relaxing back massage as the kid plays on his back. Clever, right? Additionally, Kawamoto included labels to name the areas such as ‘right shoulder’, ‘spine’, ‘left shoulder’, and ‘lower back’.  This way, he can discreetly instruct his son which area needs the massage the most.

brilliant t-shirt ken kawamoto and son

The genius dad shared his brilliant t-shirt on Twitter and people instantly approved of his idea. In fact, his post already gained 1.2 million views and more than 30,000 retweets as of this writing.

Kawamoto’s brilliant t-shirt is available to purchase online so get one now and let playtime begin.

ken kawamoto t-shirt for sale

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