28 Hilarious And Strange ‘#MyTeacherIsWeird’ Tweets That Will Leave You Confused And Amused

Most of you reading this would have been, or are, lucky enough to have received, or be receiving, an education. And, throughout these periods of time in your life, you will have come across your fair share of teachers. Some you love, some you hate, and some you find are just plain weird! Right? Well, here we have 28 people that can safely say they have experienced having a weird teacher. So, take a look below to see the best selection of hilarious, cringe-worthy and disturbing #MyTeacherIsWeird tweets!

This is awkward…

Each to their own, we guess!

This is very weird indeed…

This teacher means business.

Because that’s not inappropriate or embarrassing at all!

Good try, teacher, good try.

Aww, this is kind of sweet actually!

We can relate to this teacher…

At least she warned people not to approach!

This certainly would have grabbed his students attention!

Life skills learned! 

We’re not quite sure what to make of this one…

Well, you asked..!

We actually find this pretty amusing!

These stories really make us grateful for the nice teachers we used to have. Although, it’s probably fair to say that these students’ school lives weren’t boring! In some ways it can be a blessing to have a wacky teacher that keeps things interesting and pupils engaged. However, we definitely wouldn’t want to have had the farting teacher, or, the one who likes to eat Twix chocolate dipped in mayonnaise! Keep going to read more hilarious descriptions of weird teachers!

We’re ashamed to say we might have to steal this one!

Oh, WOW!


What a charming teacher this person had!

This is not nice at all!

Good preparation or laziness? You decide!

This is quite complimentary but nevertheless, weird. 

We hope this was a case of reverse psychology from the teacher!

How could anyone complain about this?!

Just shows how lazy some teachers are these days!


Well, he’s got a fair point!


Slightly disturbing to say the least!