In The Future We Could Have Planes Without Windows That Will Offer Amazing Panoramic Views

In 10 years time, you could be experiencing a flight like no other before. Imagine being in a plane where there are no windows, but instead what you will be looking at is panoramic views of the world outside. That is what the Centre for Process Innovation are currently working on. They are a UK-based tech innovation company, and they have big plans for the future’s planes.

They are designing a fuselage that is thinner, lighter and stronger. This will mean less fuel will be used and less CO2 emissions produced. So the environment will benefit hugely from these new planes, but what about the people?

windowless plane

CPI’s designs have really taken the passengers into consideration. There will be wider seats for extra comfort, and OLED screens will be on the chair backs and also where the windows would be.

windowless plane screens

The OLED screens are touch screen so the user can access entertainment, information and services right at their fingertips.

windowless plane night

So with all these amazing features, you’re probably thinking these flights will cost you a bomb. According to CPI, the cost of flights will be cheaper for passengers than they currently are due to the lower cost of construction for the manufacturer. So it’s good news all around!

windowless plane seats



windowless plane diagram


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Source: uk-cpi | mashable