If Disney Princesses Had Realistic Makeup


Disney films can be excellent but, let’s face it, Disney Princesses pretty much typify unrealistic beauty standards. We’ve already had a gander at what Disney Princesses might look like with realistic waistlines or if their ages were realistic, but what about their makeup? No matter what the circumstances, Disney Princesses always have impeccable makeup with not a smudge or a smear in sight. But, that is so not realistic! Loryn Brantz over at Buzzfeed has edited some stills of various Disney Princesses and given them much more realistic makeup for the situation. Check it out!

Belle totally would have had smudged lipstick after making out with old Beast/Prince.

If Mulan tried to take her makeup off with two wipes of her sleeve, it would not have gone too well.

Living underwater is a recipe for mascara run, Ariel! 

After all that flying around on a magic carpet, we’re sure Jasmine’s eyeliner would have been at least a little smudged.

Our makeup looks awful after a 30 minute nap, so after sleeping for 100 years, Aurora’s would not be in such good nick!


Tiana’s makeup couldn’t possibly look this good… wait… it’s her wedding day, so we’ll let her off on this one!

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