This Chocolate Skull Comes With A Mallet So You Can Cave It In To Reveal Caramel Truffles Inside

Nothing says ‘I Love You’ quite like chocolates. And Valentine’s Day isn’t the only time to show your love to special someone. This Halloween, sweep your loved ones’ off their feet by giving them this exquisite and scrumptious Chocolate Skull. This creepy yet tasty delight is made entirely of dark chocolate. But that’s not even the biggest surprise of it. When you crack it open, it reveals foil-wrapped caramel truffles inside. So, it’s basically a treat inside a treat to let them feel your endless affection.

This Halloween-themed treat is handcrafted from a special blend of premium cocoa beans from Ghana and Ecuador. The skull comes with a matching mallet. So, you can easily whack it up into bite-size pieces.


This Breakable Chocolate Skull Contains Caramel Truffles Inside

breakable chocolate skull

The skull is also adorned with a pulled-sugar rose to add another layer of charm to this sophisticated gift. This unique Halloween treat was created by pastry chef Chris Ford of Butter Love & Hardwork. It is exclusively sold by Williams-Sonoma. The skull (with mallet included) comes in a sleek black box perfect for gift-giving. It is shipped with gel packs to keep the treat chilled while on its way. Once you receive it, remove the item from the shipping container and store at room temperature in cool, dry place. With the correct storage the chocolate will stay good to eat for a couple of weeks.

chocolate skull with mallet


dark chocolate skull


butter love and hardwork halloween treat

It goes without saying that this exquisite Halloween treat doesn’t come cheap. But it will surely make your loved ones know how special they are to you. Trust us when we say that their reaction would be priceless. Or you can even treat yourself!


Source: Williams-Sonoma