Keebler’s Fudge Stripes Cinnamon Fudge Swirl Cookies Are Coming Back

Cinnamon rolls are essentially a year-round favorite. However, it’s definitely more fitting to indulge in them during fall. And that’s why Keebler is bringing us its new Fudge Stripes Cinnamon Fudge Swirl cookies in time for the cooler days ahead.

This upcoming variant takes inspiration from the classic afternoon treat. So, it generally consists of Keebler’s iconic shortbread cookies with decadent white cinnamon fudge stripes. These cookies would definitely go well with a warm cup of hot chocolate, coffee or tea on a breezy afternoon. But knowing us, we totally wouldn’t mind snacking on them all day long.

keebler fudge stripes cinnamon fudge swirl

Ferrara Candy Company


Keebler’s upcoming Fudge Stripes Cinnamon Fudge Swirl cookies take inspiration from cinnamon rolls

Apparently, this isn’t Keebler’s first attempt at concocting cinnamon roll-flavored cookies. In fact, they already released a limited-edition Cinnamon Roll flavor back in 2017. However, the brand hasn’t disclosed much information about the upcoming flavor yet. So, we still can’t say for sure how they would differ from the previous ones.


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According to Natalie Hagstrom, Ferrara Candy Company’s General Manager of Cookie Business, the company observed a high repeat purchase rate for limited-edition, dessert-flavored cookies. So, with this in mind, they developed the Cinnamon Fudge Swirl cookies and the Chips Deluxe Birthday Cake cookies which were released in August.


In case you haven’t heard, yes, Kellogg’s Keebler cookie business is now under Ferrara Candy Company which is owned by the Ferrero Group. In addition to Keebler, Ferrara Candy Company has also recently acquired other cookie brands including Famous Amos, Murray and Mother’s. So, as a company that primarily carries candy brands, it’s certainly exciting to see how Ferrara Candy Company will fare in the cookie industry.

Unfortunately, up to now, we still haven’t got a word regarding the Cinnamon Fudge Swirl cookies’ official release date. However, since it’s fall-flavored, it probably won’t be long before we start spotting them on shelves. So, our best bet, for now, is to keep an eye on their official social media pages for more updates. In the meantime, you may satisfy your cinnamon cravings with Cinnabon’s new frozen breakfast line.