You Can Now Get Glow In The Dark Bed Throws For A Fabulous Night’s Sleep

This glow in the dark bed throw would not only bring the much-needed warmth but also a spectacular luminosity to wintertime. Winter season is approaching and that means colder weather is upon us once again. Consequently, we’ll be spending more time curling up inside our thick blankets just to keep out the cold. But why settle for a boring blanket when you can have this eye-catching glowing bed throw? You can snuggle into this super soft bed throw while adding a touch of wonder to your bedroom when the light is off.


glow in the dark bed throw stars


This grey-colored bed throw is made of 100% polyester that you can use as a warm covering for your bed, couch, or sofa. You can also use this decorative throw as a comfortable blanket to tuck yourself in for warmth. When you turn off the light, the magic happens. It features a star pattern that glows in the dark to create a dazzling display. It measures 39.3 x 59 inches and weighs only a pound. Although the playful design is aimed at kids, grown-ups can also find this throw to their taste. Get this bed throw with glow in the dark stars here and you better hurry because stocks are running out. One satisfied customer wrote:

“It is lovely and soft, the stars do glow nicely. You can put your head under the blanket and see them from underneath it too!”

If you’re more into butterflies than stars, we’ve found the perfect alternative for you. This glow in the dark bed throw is also made from polyester but it features butterfly pattern instead of stars. Just like the previous item, this butterfly-patterned blanket also comes in color grey.

Butterfly blanket

polyester fleece bed throw butterflies


polyester fleece blanket butterflies


glow in the dark bed throw butterflies

If you’re a huge fan of pink and unicorns, this glow in the dark unicorn blanket is absolutely for you. With lights on, the pastel pink blanket with pink unicorn pattern is candy to the eye. But with the lights off, the unicorn pattern gives off a neon green glow that is so visually appealing.

Unicorn blanket

glow in the dark bed throw unicorns


polyester fleece pink blanket


 pink unicorn


glow in the dark bed throw pink unicorn pattern


Whichever design you prefer, you can be sure to make the chilly season warmer and more exciting with these bed throws. Just make sure to ‘recharge’ the luminescent pattern by exposing the blanket to sunlight in the daytime. As Christmas is just around the corner, you could give this as a gift.

Get yours here: Stars | Butterflies | Unicorn