Photographer Sigga Ella Captures The Beauty Of Bald Women


Baldvin is a new project by photographer Sigga Ella that captures the beauty of bald women and destroys gender stereotypes of baldness. "Baldvin" is the name of the Iceland-based association with which Ella collaborated with on the project. The word "Baldvin" means strength in the Icelandic language. Ella took portraits of women connected with the association, who wanted to raise awareness of their condition, alopecia, an autoimmune disorder that causes the loss of hair. In many people, alopecia causes only a few patches of hair loss, but in others it can make them totally bald, sometimes over their entire body, not just the scalp. Ella believes that due to gender stereotypes bald women are not as accepted in society as bald men. And that's something she wants to see change. Check out her portraits below!


Website: siggaella




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