This Guy’s Girlfriend Said No Toys In The House So He Came Up With This Sneaky Solution

Here at Awesome Inventions, we know never to underestimate a true nerd/geek. This was proven when one nerd in particular was told he was to move all his toys (treasures) in to the basement, by one fed up girlfriend. Feeling the urge to resist this command, he came up with a sly way to cheat the rules. Take a look! 

Can you spot the hidden toy?

What about now?

Here he is!


This one is a little harder to spot. 

If you spotted that one you’ve got a really good eye! 

This one is equally as hard. Good luck!

A close up to help you out…


There they are!


Now here we have the nerds basement man cave, any geeks dream!


With a room like this it’s pretty sneaky this nerd is trying to still keep his toys in the house!